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How to Relieve Constipation

ConstipationThere is nothing worse that not being able to go when you want to and sitting there hurting wishing that nature will take course.  It’s not a funny topic nor an embarrassing issue to discuss.  It’s a debilitating issue to deal with but the good news there are various remedies that will help to ease and prevent the situation from occurring in the future.

1.  Drink plenty of water each day of at least 20 ounces after you wake up in the morning.  Drinking approximately 10 to 12 glasses of water each day and it’s the best way to flush toxins out of the body.  Avoid drinking sugary drinks such juice and soda as they contain copious amounts of sugar that can worsen constipation symptoms.  Constipation occurs due to lack of adequate liquids in the body.
2. Try eating a ripe banana with a glass of warm milk.  Chew the banana thoroughly and drink the warm milk slowly instead of gulping it down.
3.  Consume several prunes or drink one to two glasses of prune juice.  Prunes are high in fiber they contain a substance called sorbitol which is stool-laxative that helps with relieving symptoms of constipation. The prunes contain more sorbitol than prune juice.  Skip eating foods that are high in sugar such as cookies and candy.  You can still have those foods but consume them in moderation.
4.  Exercise is an important part of life and it’s needed for increasing function in the body.  Exercise by keeping your body moving through going out for walks for at least 20-30 minutes to promote good bowel movements regularly.
5.  Finally this is a difficult option but it does work. Squat down to ease out the excrement by propping your feet on a child’s step stool and raise up your knees while sitting on the toilet.

Constipation is a continuous issue that many people including myself have experienced.  Unfortunately, I’m allergic to bananas but I do eat prunes and apples to keep things going and moving along in my system.  I drink several large bottles of room temperature water throughout the day and I exercise several times per week.

Health Tips from Acupuncturists by Nicole Leon

922717_338907219545918_1286005277_nAcupuncture therapists serve many functions while guiding their patients to a successful recovery of health problems they battle through. Most people have the desire to heal from them without needing medication, but rather use an alternative technique. Acupuncture therapists not only use a hairline needle to relieve health problems but they use other various eastern techniques including cupping, prescribing herbs, and offer their patients medical advice to increase energy without medicine. Acupuncture specialists want their patients to follow their advice as it will affect their overall healing process.

1. A patient needs to breathe deeply into their stomach, as it will help to increase circulation of Qi within the body. The lungs have a powerful ability to bring peace to the patient. When he or she experience stress, a patient will automatically have shallow breathing, but that causes muscles to contract. Acupuncture should be combined with daily breathing practices. Doing a daily breathing exercise for a minimum of five minutes per day, or 10 breaths per hour, will help to change the previous patterns of the nervous system. It will be as if people have performed acupuncture on themselves when they do breathing exercises and many disorders could reverse and help them feel better.

2.  Exercising regularly by walking briskly in the park or dancing in their living room is another way to improve your overall physical symptoms. It has been shown that too much sitting can injure the spleen, which affects a person’s energy level, digestion, and weight gain. Exercising has numerous health benefits of helping a person to relax more, and reverse many health problems that arise from not exercising regularly.

3.  Stretching before going to bed and stretching before getting out of bed encourages movement throughout the whole body. It also loosens up the muscles that have not been used. Patients who followed this ritual reported they were able to sleep better, experienced less stiffness and pain in the morning. If they need help to become more flexible, an appointment with a chiropractic specialist and perform manipulation on your joints.

4.  Find a spiritual outlet to help you address any concerns in your life such as stress and grief. These strong emotions can cause imbalances in the body and create pain and other health problems.

5.  Go to bed by at least 11pm every night so that you will be sound asleep by at least 1am. In acupuncture, each organ system has a two-hour period that is assigned and liver cleansing begins between 1am and 3am. The liver cleansing normally happens when a person in deep REM sleep.

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