The Daily Fight Series



Today is one of those days where I have to fight even harder to get up and moving around. Each day is different and I never know how I’ll feel. Today my back hurts more than anything and the muscle spasms hurt on top of that. My arms, legs, feet, head, and yes even my eyelashes hurt! There is no way to escape the various issues that fibromyalgia and the other illnesses I deal with too.

Even though I don’t feel well I got up out of my bed anyway. I still wonder if I should get a cane but 14+ years later I have refused to get one. I hold onto the furniture, and walls to get around my home. Sometimes I fall down and that hurts but you know what? I get right back up again.

I thought about my goals and what I would like to do today.

Goals for today included:

  1. Paid work
  2. Create my third post for the week
  3. Make a final decision on my topics for next week
  4. Comment on blogs of fellow bloggers
  5. Spend time reading blogs and the news
  6. Encourage others

So that looks like a lot but I’ve managed to complete over half of my goals.

I take my time while completing my goals. Now keep in mind I don’t always succeed but I keep going anyway and that is the most important part. I know that people may not be able to understand what I’m going through but all I can hope is they will reach deep inside to find compassion in their hearts.


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You are much more organized than me. I have been having some hard days lately.

Your determination is So inspiring! 😀

My mom has fibromyalgia and I know how rough it is for her. Take it easy & don’t push yourself too hard! There’s always tomorrow.

I’m sorry to hear your struggles, completely understand how it feels to be bogged down. Specially this time of year. Hope that you find the support that you need to push through this.

i think we all have those days- some moreso than others. i’ve had days where im’ going minute by minute to get through

I need to start making goals each week too.

Glad to hear you are completing your goals! Sometimes it’s so hard to do. I think I spend more time making lists than actually completing them!! 😉

It’s hard sometimes to push through on the hard days, but the sense of accomplishment knowing we have it our all is worth so much!

It’s good that you’re keeping a positive attitude!

Sorry you’re in so much pain, hopefully less pain going into this week. Hopefully you’ll be able to get to the rest of your goals!

It is wonderful to write out your goals, it makes them more real. There is something good about crossing an item off the to do list it doesn’t matter if it is with pen an paper or with an electronic click.

Both my mom and mother-in-law have fibromyalgia. I’m so sorry you are in pain! Stay positive!

I hate it for you that you are in so much pain. I cannot imagine dealing with that on a daily basis. You are definitely an inspiration and have such a good attitude.

You sound like you have a stubborn streak but it seems to serve you well! I have a dear blog friend who suffers from this and I know it can be incredibly hard! So sorry!

I really like your positive attitude, especially with the pain you are feeling. Good luck knocking out the goal list!

Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts with us. I love your get back up attitude, though many of us don’t fight the same battle… we all have our own to conquer!

hey, i think sometimes getting out of bed is a feat in and of itself!! and living with FM is hard- i have a friend who lives with it. i hope you accomplished enough of your goals for today to feel like smiling 🙂

One day at a time is a great way to take it!

I work full rime as a nurse. I really have to set my to do list early in the week. My list does not always get completed every week. Sometimes it upsets me, but I have a good family that reminds me I don’t have to be super woman.

I use to beat myself up when I didn’t complete my to do list on a daily now I just know that I can’t do it all so I just do what I can and as long as I complete one thing I am good.

I am so sorry that you had such a painful day! You’ve accomplished a lot, considering!

I have several family members who suffer with fibromyalgia as well, it is not a fun disease at all and I do see how hard it is for them to deal with. I love that you have a goal list written out.. this is something I should do each day – make a set list. Maybe, it would keep me from getting so backlogged with my running to-do list!

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