Fibromyalgia and Fitness

Water AerobicsAs a sufferer of Fibromyalgia for over 14 years it has been a continuous fight to stay healthy through eating the right foods and regularly exercising.  Fibromyalgia brings about intense muscle pain, deep aches, stabbing pain, and fatigue. The thought of exercise seems like a far fetched idea with all of the issues the person is suffering through but exercise helps in various ways.  Exercise through movement will keep one’s body fit, improve their mood, and finally relieve pain.  Keep in mind that high-impact cardio exercises isn’t the best approach to start with but low-impact aerobics such as swimming, stretching, water fitness aerobics, Pilates, yoga, walking or tai-chi.  These exercises help with losing weight, reducing overall stress, and releasing endorphins. 

Some of the best exercises that have worked for me are warm water aerobics, walking indoors, yoga, tai-chi, stretching, and Richard Simmons’ exercise DVDs.  I have found that the exercises have helped me to lose weight and bring on a sense of pure relaxation. I enjoy the feelings of relaxation and while I experience a brief reduction of pain that unfortunately comes back, I feel it is well worth the effort. 

Several things to consider:

·         Consult with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise program

·         Don’t do any intense workout activities as it can increase soreness

·         Stretch before and after each time you exercise

·         Choose exercise activities you can handle and understand your limitations

·         Start out your exercise in slow increments and then build up the pace slowly


water-aerobicsrezAll of these exercises are the perfect options to start out with and get your body in shape.  These exercises assist with relieving stress, improves mood and depression, improving sleep, reducing pain, and bringing forth much needed relaxation. 



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I have been suffering since I was 17. It is a long road. And tiring. I find getting started on a routine is the hardest.

I find that water aerobics defiantly help with just my basic knee pain. I never went to a specific warm water set up. Just the local pools.

I don’t have fibromyalgia but those are my favorite exercises so it’s nice to know that if I do get it {since my mom has it, I think about my future as well} I can still do some of my favorite activities!

Glad to read that you are finding something that works for you.

Great info, thanks for sharing. I know someone with Fibro so I will share this.

Great ideas Thanks for sharing. Swimming is my favorite way to exercise.

Great exercise suggestions! I think it helps with a variety of ailments for sure.

I have Raynaud’s which has similar symptoms as Fibromyalgia. I know I always feel better when I’ve been in warm water. The low-impact and results of water exercising is a bonus to the relief the warm water can be!

I have battled with fibro for years. Exercise definitely helps.

I was wondering if you like massages?? My sister and I both dislike because they hurt. I am convinced that it is because of the fibro. I have had a massage bring tears to my eyes before.

Glad to see you enjoying the water aerobics and sharing the struggles that you are having. Keep it up when you can!

I think eating healthy, finding time for yourself to relax and decompress, and staying hydrated is essential to feeling your best no matter what physical challenges you face!

My cousin has this and she’s in her twenties

I also suffer from several autoimmune disorders so I can totally relate! Thanks for work out suggestions – I really want to get into yoga!

I wish I had a place where I could take water aerobics. That would probably be a good option for me.

I am so glad you are proactive with your Fibromyalgia. Thank you for all the information and tips to help keep the pain in control. Thanks for being open in order to educate others.

My MIL also has fibromyalgia. I know it’s a daily struggle for her some days. Good for you for making the good choices to improve your health and sharing great information to help others.

I love water aerobics it allows you to exercise just as much as regular aerobics but without getting overworked and overheated. I try to participate in them as often as I can.

Great tips, stretching is my biggest tip!

Ugh, I can only imagine how painful that must be. I’ve always loved swimming and water aerobics because they are so gentle and also equally fun!

These are good things to consider! It’s so important for anything in life!

It is a good thing for you to share exercises and activities that help you while you deal with this illness. It will help other people.

Exercise helps out a lot I think the water one would be so calming for me. Glad you are exercising and finding what works for you.

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