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What-causes-diabetes Several recent studies have found various ways of lowering the risk of diabetes and improving the symptoms of diabetes too. A study that was conducted by the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Centre US found eating walnuts daily will assist in lowering the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Another report through BBC News reports that exercise can be as good as medication as pills are for people with health conditions such as heart disease. The Times felt doctors should prescribe their patients to exercise instead of prescribing prescription drugs. Both headlines are based on studies researchers have completed but they are overstating some of the evidence, as it has been found that it’s better for physicians to prescribe both medications and exercise as a treatment plan. Both medications and exercise have their place in treating the body. Another study conducted in London by the International Diabetes Foundation has found that the diabetes battle is ‘being lost’ due to the high level of cases of people diagnosed with diabetes.  The record has now soared to 382 million people.  A majority of the people who have type 2 diabetes are living an unhealthy lifestyle.  This unhealthy lifestyle is linked to lack of exercise and obesity.  This epidemic has exploded in numbers due to more people in developing worlds have taken on Western and urban lifestyles.  It has been estimated by 2035 the number of diabetes diagnosis will be 55% and it will be 592 million people.

Symptoms of type-2 diabetes

Symptoms of type-2 diabetes

The primary problem is that many people will go undiagnosed for months to years and will be unaware that there is something wrong despite various symptoms.  Symptoms can include itchiness, yeast infections (thrush), numbing, and frequent urination especially at night, inadequate blood sugar, health complications, and damage to the kidneys, heart, eyes and other organs.  If it is left untreated for a long period, premature death can occur.  Many people with untreated diabetes are living in the low and middle class income levels with the inability to access proper health care. It’s important to get a proper checkup to make sure you’re completely healthy and if you’re diagnosed with diabetes then take on the right options of maintaining the symptoms.


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What an awful disease! It makes me feel more motivated to continue going to the gym and getting through my workouts.

We live with diabetes on a daily basis. Ashley is Type-1 and so is my husband’s aunt. Both my father and my FIL are Type-2 diabetics that go against the unhealthy lifestyle classification; my father was a farmer for many years, working hard from pre-dawn til post-dusk. It’s avoidable for some, but not all, no matter what you do.

Thanks for sharing all this great information. I’m so forunate that thus far I haven’t gotten diabetes. I’m trying to work on a healthier lifestyle to make sure it stays that way.

It’s awful to think just how many people are going untreated.

My mother-in-law has type 2 diabetes and I already sent her the link to this article 🙂

Wow this is so interesting. I’m glad I’m more educated on Diabetes. Thanks for sharing!

Those are powerful statistics in black and white. People do not take their health as seriously as they should early enough. When some ppl make an effort to change bad habits, the damage is already done. Thanks for sharing the info.

Thank you for sharing! My mom was recently diagnosed so I’ll be sharing with her.

This is very helpful info! Totally blown away with the 382 million people having Type 2 Diabetes – so sad!

It’s crazy to think how many people could be living with the symptoms of diabetes and not even know it!

I hate thinking that there are many people who have the disease but still don’t know it! Scary!

The foods on the shelves in the grocery store are full of sugar, by products and other items that even dogs will not eat. I truly believe that by sticking to the outside aisles, away from sugary drinks, more water and at least walking many health issues would drop dramatically.

It’s sad that it goes so largely undiagnosed, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing these warning signs!

Unfortunately, diabetes runs in my family so I always need to watch out for my own health. Thanks for this info 🙂

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