Top 5 Health Benefits of Limes by Nicole Leon

Limes the Vitamin C Superfood

Limes the Vitamin C Superfood

I use fresh limes several times per week to help me with my many health problems I have battled with for over 14 years.  I have found that limes have many uses including high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

1.  Overcome sickness.

Limes are perfect for aiding in overcoming the cold or flu.  Consuming lime juice will help the body to fight off sicknesses and disease. Squeeze an entire lime into orange juice or drink of juice and consume.  Limes contain more vitamin C than other citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges.  Limes contain double the amount of vitamin C, now that packs a serious punch! It boosts the immune system, increases overall heart health.

2.  Cancer Prevention.
Limes are known as a way to prevent cancer as it contains limonoid (limonin) which have anti-carcinogens effects.  These anti-carcinogens contain compounds that help with preventing breast, lung, skin, stomach, mouth and other types of cancers.   These antioxidants may reduce the risk of cancer and can slow down the overall risks of anti-inflammatory properties which is known as a cancer high risk factor.

3.    Anti-Inflammory properties
The vitamin C from limes is helpful with lowering chronic inflammation in the body such as heart disease, arthritis, and asthma.

4.   Weight Loss Assistance
To help you lose weight, add in lime juice to a glass of warm water as the acidity in the lime breaks down the fat within the body.  Look into drinking the lime and warm water mixture a maximum of twice per day.

5.  Digestion Aid
I have found using lime juice has helped to ease some digestion problems I regularly endure.  Besides smelling the lime, adding the lime juice in a drink will help to ease digestion problems. The lime juice will help with the digestive process through breaking down carbs you’ve eaten.

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