Published: Dangers of the Detox Diet – Nicole Leon – Health Writer and Researcher

Detox consists of the body flushing unwanted toxins out of the body; manufacturers claim that this in turn helps with dropping unwanted pounds such as extra water weight and fat. There are several diet detoxification programs currently popular in today’s weight-conscious society; however, the abstinence from solid food to purify the body has been around since ancient times. The dieter who wishes to expedite her weight loss can choose from a variety of detox techniques aimed at quick weight loss; however, the dangers of these programs can, and often do, outweigh the benefits.


The Master Cleanse Diet

This detox diet plan contains a drink consisting of a combination of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, water and maple syrup. The Master Cleanse includes the possibility of loss of vitamins, muscle breakdown and blood-sugar fluctuation. The body must go 10 days without food, which stresses all the systems, such as the heart and the liver. The Master Cleanse requires individuals to adhere to a 650-calorie diet. Once a normal diet is resumed, most/many dieters regain the lost weight.

The Joshi Holistic Diet

This diet focuses on a 21-day avoidance of acid-forming foods; the claim is that it will result in weight loss and improved health. The reduction of acidic foods in a body should create an alkali state, which supposedly will help the body’s system break down fat. This diet encourages the user to avoid foods such as red meat, wheat, potatoes, dairy foods and alcohol. However, the danger with this diet is that it limits healthy foods such as grains and vegetables.


Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox

This is a 21-day detox diet plan; the manufacturer claims that the dieter will lose 21 lbs. The diet detox plan involves drinking juice mixtures, protein shakes and vegetable purees. The major dangers associated with the Martha’s Vineyard detox are that this diet isn’t ideal for individuals with high blood pressure, heart problems or kidney function issues.


Fruit Flush Diet

This diet promises a weight loss of 9 lbs. within 72 hours of the person taking part in the diet. This program requires a protein drink every two hours, which reportedly will flush toxins out and get the body into a mode of burning fat. The program requires that the dieter prepare for a week before delving into the strict regimental routine with a week of low-carbohydrate eating. This is followed by a day-long fast, during which the dieter drinks a concoction that is a combination of cranberry, orange and lemon juices mixed with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. The Fruit Flush dieter adds foods gradually after the fasting, which is supposed to restore the colon to optimum health. However, when a body is not given a balanced diet, it is in danger of being denied important nutrients for survival.

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